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Revive your vintage outfit

The quality of vintage clothing is simply unmatched by that of contemporary clothing, with the exception only of today’s highest end luxury designers. Every vintage garment has a story to tell. If you have a vintage garment or fabric from Pakistan, India, Persia, Turkey or Europe that is over 20 years old we can upcycle or create a new outfit.

The term “vintage” is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old that is also clearly representative of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be haute couture or quality luxury fashion labels; it can be used, new (from deadstock), manufactured, or hand made.

What makes Pakistani and Indian luxury vintage wear so valuable is not only the traditional techniques used to make them but also the highest quality of fabrics and workmanship. From precise chain stitching, extravagant Zardozi embroidery to the rich cultural phulkari work. Persian, Turkish and European vintage fabrics are rich in tapestry and the quality of fabric and print style are ideal for creating both fusion and westernised style garments.

Many traditional handwork techniques have disappeared due to mass production and machine automation. Therefore, the vintage luxury market has now become a talking point for savvy customers who cherish the traditional techniques and at the same time wish to revive these beautifully crafted garments whilst finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why Upcycle Vintage?

What makes a vintage piece so special is not only the quality and uniqueness but each has a story to tell. Whether the piece belongs to your grandma, great grandma or you were handed it down – every vintage garment comes with a story. The excitement of sharing the origin of the vintage piece will conjure up wonderful images of its past life and history. 

From Vintage bridal to sarees, each piece is seeped in tradition; an era that involved more intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail with luxury fabric that is now obsolete. Owning and wearing vintage clothing is a way of keeping those people and those histories and that artistry alive. At the end of the day, to wear vintage clothing is to be wrapped in romance. Vintage clothing is simply special.

If you own a vintage outfit which you would like to sell then we would happy to help you achieve the best price through our online portal and in store. Alternatively, if you wish to keep your cherished piece but wish to change it then we can upcycle the garment.

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Benefits of Upcycling Vintage

Below are a list of the key benefits of chambeili® Upcycling Vintage clothing:

Vintage garments uniqueness, quality and style will allow you to stand out even from the rest of the crowd. Buying a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe will allow you to be truly unique and inventive with your outfits.

Vintage garments tend to have excess fabric so we can easily adjust it to easily fit you like a glove. Tailoring vintage is much cheaper than purchasing a brand new piece off the rack.

Vintage clothing are often more durable due to the raw materials and the intricate hand craftsmanship in its construction.

Conversely, a lot of modern luxury clothing are produced for mass production and skim on quality hence fashion houses tend to use machine work on cheaper fabric rather than use traditional hand finish on quality fabrics to increase profit margins.

Upcycling a vintage garments is good for the environment as you are essentially purchasing an old garment giving them a new lease of life. By upcycling the vintage piece you can adapt it by modernising the style and cut as well as adapting it with additional pieces to recreate a completely new piece.

What makes vintage ideal with respect to climate change is reducing the carbon emissions and chemical pollution required to produce a new garment. 

Wearing a vintage garment is a good talking point with friends, family and acquaintances. Because of the uniqueness of the piece many people will ask where you bought the outfit and you can start a conversation about its origins, why you purchased it and how you adapted it. By promoting vintage you will automatically get other people interested and by doing so you can participate in promoting a more eco-friendly alternative to shopping mainstream fashion.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss how you can upcycle your vintage garment or accessory, please contact us WhatsApp or DM us via Instagram @chambeili and provide us with some details and photos of what you would like to upcycle with any ideas and suggestions of what you have in mind. We can offer an initial 10-minute free consultation to discuss how we can breathe new life into a vintage piece.

If you are happy to proceed with upcycling your vintage outfit, we will advise you of the cost of this service and discuss the process in detail.

Unlike made to orders, we will provide you with an estimated time frame of when your vintage upcycled outfit will be ready, as this would depend on whether you would require additional work such as new pieces.

Contact us to find out more on how we can relive some old memories and help you recreate your vintage outfit!