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100% Genuine

100% Genuine

We sell original authentic brands

All our products are 100% genuine and direct from the brand. Since our formation in 2012 we have always sold original products so our customers even though they are expensive and costly to import. We want our customers to be confident that not only are they purchasing original products from but they can enjoy the quality workmanship and durability of the brand.

All our products on come direct from the brand and we have established an excellent working and personal relationship with the owners and managers of all the brands we stock over 11 years. Although we are currently focussing on our chambeili® brand label we do however stock some brands especially during the Eid periods.

Below are some key facts to bear in mind when making a purchase between genuine products sold on our website and the vast remaining websites in the UK that are selling brand labels.

The difference between an Original and Master Replica is huge not only in the overall look, feel of the fabric and quality but also when it comes to longevity of the garment.  Master Replicas will run colour on its first wash and the quality of the fabric is simply incomparable to the original. Although Master Replicas are cheap compared to genuine products, they are however a Short Wear & Not Washable product because after a few wears when you start washing even using our Washing Instructions the colour will run as the dyeing process that brands adhere to protects the garment during the washing process and the stitching is also of the highest quality. In addition, all brands pre-shrink their garments during the production process.

This is why we advise customers to buy only genuine and original products so at least it can be worn again and again so in the long term you get your money’s worth wheres as Master Replicas and purely cheap one wear and then throw away only to end up in a landfill – which is something we want to reduce with climate change being such a talking point in the fashion world. 

First and foremost we have been trading for over 7 years and all our customers that have purchased items either instore or online can attest that quality is paramount to our business. We have never sold a single item that is in any shape or form a replica and all our products come with the original brand garment inner tags and label tags.

Secondly, we use the brand’s original photos as we are a direct stockist and have full permission to use their brand visual assets and brand logos to promote the sale of their merchandise.

Thirdly, if you are a smart shopper and are a familiar with the brands we stock then you will automatically see the difference between a replica and genuine item.

Fourthly, you can always contact us if you have any questions relating to brand authenticity and we will be more than happy to provide further answers. You can contact us via email:

Finally, we have a very good reputation and you can read reviews from our amazing customers on Trustpilot so you can be rest assured we will only sell 100% original merchandise without exception and quality is at the forefront of our company ethos.

If you have seen similar items on another website please do not accept that they are selling 100% original and genuine products even if they are a large chain of stores. You may not realise but the vast majority of online and retail stores are selling very high quality Master Replicas that cost a fraction of the price compared to the originals. What is more disturbing is that they will not tell you that they are selling Master Replicas or copies but instead will assure you that they are originals. Don’t fall for their small talk. Ask them to provide original proof of purchase from the brand stockist if they claim to get the products direct. If they are getting it through a wholesaler then find out the name of the wholesale and then make contact with the original brand to see if that particular store has authorisation to sell their brand items.

Most online and store retailers tend to use their own photography rather than the brand’s product photos to mitigate any legal liability if a brand in Pakistan wishes to pursue legal action on counterfeit goods. Also, since replicas costs a fraction of the price compared to the original their is a big price discrepancy compared to our product prices. In addition, most of these retailers pay very little customs or none at all hence they are literally selling volume on cheap prices and bottom line is they are simply getting away with fobbing customers.

Counterfeit is wrong without question and it is the sole responsibility of customers to take action and report any retailer who sells these in the UK.

We have seen a huge growth in the UK online shopping site and retail stores selling Master Replicas and poor quality replicas of Pakistan’s top fashion labels in the marketplace which has not only saturated the market but almost who sell them claim they are original.

It is not only highly unethical to sell counterfeit goods but the effects are tumultuous and far reaching for brand labels. Firstly, brand labels invest huge amount of financial resources in creating new product lines, marketing and staff costs as well maintaining brand quality. Master Replicas are not only damaging brand labels long term but they are also creating a culture of throw away fashion as such items have no longevity. With consumers understanding and accepting replicas for lesser quality of the brand label in substitution for lower prices, they are quick to throw away the items and move on to the next trend. Although this is nothing new in the Pakistan fashion industry as trends have always caused large surplus; however, this fashion and quick throw culture has culminated in a high rise in the amount of pollution due to water usage, cotton farming and chemical pollution and counterfeiters have no care about climate change impact nor do they have any processes in place to use safe dyeing and production methods. 

By losing sales from counterfeiters, brand labels are losing financial sales which over time will mean many brands will simply cut back on new product production so genuine customers lose out long term. 

With climate change at crisis point we encourage customers to move away from a culture of one wear then throwing unwearable clothing items into landfill. By buying original you can at least get longevity out if the clothing item and get long term value for your purchase.

Bottom line is that if a Master Replica wants to make money and create a more affordable marketplace then they should do it on a level playing field and create their own brand label. pay for photo shoot and marketing costs associated with creating a brand rather than steal customers and lie that they are selling originals. 

If you suspect that an item you have purchased either through a shop, retail store or online store then you can do a number of things to raise awareness and clamp down on counterfeit goods from Pakistan:

  1. Contact the original brand and send them a photo of the item in question and ask if they are aware of this product and does it have all the right hallmarks to qualify as an original. Include your receipt with the name of the store you purchased from so they can check if this particular store has authorisation to sell their brand.
  2. Contact Trading Standards if you suspect your purchase item is a counterfeit and is of poor quality if you were told it was an original. You can contact them by visiting their website:
  3. Write a review on the retailers Google, Facebook, Trustpilot or other testimonial platform that they have registered their name and be honest about what your expectations were but refrain from bad or offensive language. Consumers need to be more pro-active in calling out sellers of counterfeit goods and share their experience with friends and family so more people will refrain from shopping with these types of bogus sellers.