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Upcycling Designer

Revive your luxurious brand outfit

Ever thought of upcycling your wedding lehenga that you spent a fortune on or reliving a vintage piece handed down by your loved one?

Many of us have garments and accessories that have special memories such as your bridal outfit, an expensive designer outfit or something handed down by a loved one. Many people spend thousands on their wedding outfits that they will wear only once in the case of a bridal outfit then it will be put into storage. We can help revive your outfit by offering our upcycling service.

We will liase with our head designer in the UK and our team in the Lahore to get their expert advice on whether your garment(s) can be upcycled and the costs including shipping.

If your garment can be recycled then we will need to get a sample fabric to find out if the colour can be matched. Please bear in mind we can never reproduce the exact colour of the original garment; however if the colour is hard to match then we can advise on alternative colour(s) that we can use to contrast to produce your upcycled garment(s).

How it works

We may assemble your upcycled garment in the UK and all the magic hand finishing and dye process will be done by our team of experts in Lahore.

chambeili® Upcycling service will allow you to change your existing garment so it can be re-purposed and worn once again.

Whether you have a bridal lengha choli that you wish to change to a formal outfit for a special occasion or a vintage saree that you wish to convert to a dress, blouse or jacket as an example – our team of experts can strip and rebuild any garment into something completely different as well as accessorise. Most importantly, you the customer will participate in the whole journey from the initial consultation where we can discuss options to the point of assembly where you can come and see the garment being rebuilt. You will be an integral part of the upcycle journey.

Upcycling - chambeili

Why choose Upcycling

Upcycling breathes new light into your garment that has been left in the wardrobe, attic or storage space. When it comes to buying luxury wear from brands such as ÉLAN, HSY or Faraz Manan, customers will have parted with many thousands of pounds only to have worn that outfit once or twice. The level of workmanship and time to produce such a garment would have had a big carbon footprint. With climate change being the primary focus of chambeili® Pre-owned, we want to help reduce carbon emissions by salvaging your luxury garments so you can upcycle and wear it again or pass it down to a family member or friend.

We can help you to recreate a contemporary outfit and create something new from something old. It’s all about being smarter with your outfits and reliving those special moments.

Type of Upcycling

The chambeili® Upcycling fashion concept involves using pre-existing garments, accessories or other items and restructuring them into new garments, apparel, accessories and soft furnishings with as little wastage as possible. If you wish to re-use your bridal lehenga then we can utilise each part such as the choli, skirt and dupatta and convert them into new garments and create matching pieces. For example, we can convert your choli to a longer shirt or peplum and recreate a new pair of matching pants and dupatta or we can convert the lehenga skirt into a pair of trousers, gharara or sharara pants. The options are endless and you can create one or more outfits from an existing bridal that you could only wear once.

New Dress

New Skirt

New Jacket

New Trousers, Gharara or Sharara

New Dupatta, Scarf or Shawl

New Shirt, Blouse or Peplum

What can be Upcycled

chambeili® Designer Brand Upcycling allows us to reuse Pakistan’s top fashion labels as they are well designed and suitable for adaption due to the quality of the fabrics, workmanship and design. Rather than have them locked away in your cupboard why not utilise them and create one or more wearable outfits for special occasions.

chambeili® Vintage Upcycling is special not only due to the quality and uniqueness, but each has a story to tell. Whether the piece belongs to your grandma, great grandma or you were handed it down – every vintage garment comes with a story. The excitement of sharing the origin of the vintage piece will conjure up wonderful images of its past life and history. 

Our Upcycling Services & Benefits

Below are a list of the key services offered by chambeili® Upcycling and some of the benefits:

We can change the design of your existing garment as well as adapting it by creating new accompaniment pieces. For example, if you had a lehenga choli we could restructure the design into a formal ensemble by extending the choli into a peplum shirt and converting the skirt into a sharara or gharara pants. We can also create completely new pieces such as an embellished shawl or dupatta to match the colour and embellishment of your existing garment. There are endless opportunities to revive your existing garment and we can discuss all the different options as well as sketch ideas of how your garment could be adapted to a completely new design.

With our talented team of experts in Lahore, we can recreate your existing embroidery and hand embellishment to match your existing garment in case you wish to adapt the design. For example, if you wanted to create new panels or create a whole new additional piece such as lowers and wanted to have similar embellishment/embroidery on the pants then our team will colour match and recreate new matching embroidery and embellishments. 

We can match fabrics to complement your garment. For example, if you wish to add extra side panels, sleeves, create new pants or create a new add-on such as a dupatta or shawl then we can source the fabric and have it dyed to match closely to your existing garment or off-set with a new colour scheme to extenuate the overall look.

Matching exactly to your existing garment is extremely difficult and may result in a differing shade and we will advise you during your consultation.

We can strip down the whole piece and refit to a new body size. This may require extra fabric and embellishment if the new size is bigger than the original garment size. This will all be done by our team in Lahore.

In certain cases, we may assemble your upcycled garment in the UK by our in-house tailor. This will apply to customers looking to get a high-quality finishing and fitting.

If your garment is damaged such as the seam has come loose or the zip has broken then our in-house tailor can repair and extend the life of an existing garment.

Upcycling minimises the amount of discarded materials sent to landfills and reduces what goes into landfills. It also reduces the need for production that uses new or raw materials.

It is better for the environment as it reduces air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.   

Behind every upcycled product, there is a maker who strongly believes in a level of craftsmanship that we just don’t see very much anymore. This is especially true in Pakistan where old artisans with decades of expertise in hand embroidery/embellishments painstakingly take weeks and months to produce luxury clothing wear by hand.

Upcycling can help minimize the overall cost of production as we are able to reuse materials from your garment(s) instead of having to create a full new garment from scratch. By creating additional accompanying pieces to match your existing garment will lower production time, money and save you from buying a brand-new outfit.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss how you can upcycle your garment or accessory, please contact us WhatsApp or DM us via Instagram @chambeili and provide us with some details and photos of what you would like to upcycle with any ideas and suggestions of what you have in mind.

We will provide you with an initial 10-minute free consultation to discuss what upcycling options are available, the process, and estimated costs. If you are happy to proceed with upcycling your outfit, we will advise you of the full cost of this service and discuss the process in detail. If you require an in-depth consultation, then we will charge a fee that will be deductible once you place your order. The fee charges will vary depending on how many upcycling garments you want us to work with and the level of work/design/style required.

Unlike Made-to-Order, we will provide you with an estimated time frame of when your upcycled outfit will be ready, as this would depend on whether you would require swatches/samples of the fabrics and in some cases colour matching.

Contact us to find out more on how we can relive some old memories and help you create your dream outfit!