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As a fashion retailer we are constantly bringing in the latest fashion from Lahore and Karachi and we use our web and social platforms to promote our latest new arrivals for each of the seasons as well as providing fashion and style tips, fashion related industry news and chambeili events. You can like, follow or subscribe to any of our platforms and receive our updates.

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Social Media

chambeili and its associated companies have created social accounts to promote all our business services as well as to allow our users to share, comment and make direct contact. 

As part of our core business values we invite users to participate in writing comments on our posts and asking any questions relating to any of our products and services including any suggestions. We do however kindly ask that you maintain a professional conduct and use respectful language when communicating with us. Also, if you wsh to send direct messages try to send them during business hours rather than late at night. We do however reserve the right to:

  • remove any inappropriate comments including any that are offensive in nature; particularly any discussions relating to chambeili and associated companies;
  • block any users who send messages for like building, block users offering services that are not in line with our business or block users that repeatedly post offensive or malicious comments ;
  • contact the relevant authorities in case of copyright violation of chambeili and associated brands, defamation and unauthorized disclosure of personal data to third parties;
  • report inappropriate content to the relevant social media companies, who adopt strict policies and will take appropriate actions.

For data protection reasons we kindly ask users to send us a direct message relating to any online orders or bespoke orders. Do not post any personal or order information publicly on any of our social media platforms.




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