How to buy

Shopping on is simple. Just follow these steps to purchase online or over the phone.

Before you begin shopping choose your preferred currency by selecting it from the top navigation section. The website will then switch to your selected choice. Our website supports the following currencies:

GBP – British Pounds
EUR – Euros
USD – United States Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar
AUD – Australian Dollar
NZD – New Zealand Dollar
INR – Indian Rupees
CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
SGD – Singapore Dollar
AED – Emirati Dirham
BRL – Brazilian Real
JPY – Japanese Yen
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
MXN – Mexican Peso

How to buy Online

How to buy - Step 1
Choose the department by brand for example Khaadi, Orient Textile Mills, Limelight etc or by category such as Lawn, Semi Formal etc. or choose a price range. You can also use the various filters of the shop left side bar to refine your product search including sizes, colours, fabric and collections.

Step 2 - View a product
View the products you are interested in and click on the photograph(s) to see every detail, available sizes, composition, reference code and price.

Step 3 - Choose Size, Colour and Quantity
Choose the size, colour (if available) and desired quantity. If you require more information scroll down the page and you will find detailed product descriptions with additional tabs on the left side.

Step 4 - Add a product to your cart
Once you have chosen your desired size/colour or quantity you can add the item to the shopping cart by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button.

If you wish to continue shopping, repeat the process above otherwise proceed to the next steps below.

Step 6 - Review your cart
If you wish to continue shopping, repeat the process above but if you wish to process the order, then review your cart to ensure you have chosen the correct sizes, colours and product(s).

Step 7 - Choose Delivery Service
Choose your delivery option by choosing shipping and handling. By default the shipping options are for UK destination. If you are shipping overseas then change the shipping destination by choosing CALCULATE SHIPPING. Once you have chosen your shipping destination the shipping and handling drop down list will show UPS and Parcel Force Global Delivery options. Simply choose the shipper that you wish to use.

Step 8 - Proceed to Checkout
Once you have chosen your shipping options you need to click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT by hovering over your shopping bag on the top right of the navigation bar or via the VIEW CART page. You will then be required to sign into your account, create an account or sign in as a guest using facebook. Once you have signed in you will be required to complete your billing and shipping details.

Step 8 - Complete Payment Details
Select a payment method: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express (US ONLY), Maestro etc. then click PLACE ORDER. You will then be redirected to Arcot 3D Secure page where you will be required to enter your card 4 pin code which you need to enter as a second level of protection. Once you have successfully entered your pin code you will then be redirected back to Order Confirmation page that will confirm your order placed.

You will receive an email confirming your order. Check your Junk or Spam folder just in case you have not received the order confirmation email.

Once your order has been processed you will be emailed the shipper tracker code so you can monitor the delivery. Please ensure you are available to collect the parcel.

Once your delivery arrives your order has completed. In case you have missed delivery please read the FAQ below. If you have ordered the wrong size by mistake then please refer to the returns page.

How to order products over the telephone

You can also order products over the telephone if you are not 'tech-savvy' or if their are formal/pret suits that are displayed on any of our social media sites but not currently available on our online store. This service is available for both UK and International customers.

We always provide our product codes, price and colour when we display outfits on any of our social media platforms. Simply provide these details so we can ensure availability. If you wish to see the product in real-time then we can arrange to send further pictures via whatsapp or book a skype video call (skype id:

Gather your size details to ensure the key areas such as breast and height measurements are suffice for the chosen product(s). Please ensure you provide accurate measurements as once the parcel is dispatched and the outfit does not fit then you will have to pay for returning the parcel and paying for the dispatch again. We always advise that you get a professional tailor to take your measurements and these measurements should be recently taken as overtime an individuals measurement may fluctuate.

Call our flagship store: +44(0)1274 598669 during the hours below:

Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. apart from Friday which is 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Please inform the sales staff that you want to place an order over the phone and you will be asked to provide the product code(s), colour, price and your accurate size dimensions. We may take down your telephone number just in case we are busy in the store or need to locate your product(s). Once we have confirmed the product(s) availability we will confirm this over the phone OR if the product is not in stock but can be pre-ordered then we will confirm if you wish to pre-order the product(s). We will finally confirm your measurements which will then be electronically entered into our system with an acknowledgement that the customer has confirmed they have provided accurate measurements that were recently taken.

Payments accepted in chambeili® Outlet

Once you are satisfied with your ordered product(s) we provide the full cost of your order and shipping costs. Once you are have agreed your are ready to proceed we process your payment using the PDQ Terminal in our store. We will take your full name, contact telephone, email address, billing address with postal code then your credit card details including the long number and your 3 digit CCV code which will be entered into our PDQ terminal. Once the payment has been successfully transacted we will confirm the payment succeeded and advise you on the dispatch time. If their is a problem with your credit card we will request that you provide another card or contact your bank to resolve any issues and call us back to redo the order.

If your product(s) are available in-store it will be carefully packaged and shipped the next day and you will be sent the tracking order. If your order is a pre-order then we will advice you on the approximate delivery date. Once the pre-order arrives in-store it will be go through a full garment quality assurance process and checked against your provided measurements. Once we are satisfied we will carefully package and dispatch to your shipping address and send you the tracking order.

Once you have received your order and tried the outfit you will hopefully be satisfied that it all fits! If in the event you have any issues with the product(s) please drop us a call or send us an email and we will ensure any manufacturing faults are rectified. We do however ensure that we have strict quality controls from our brand designers manufacturing end to when it arrives at our store and undergoes strict quality checks prior to dispatch. However, things can go wrong and in such situations we will ensure the customer gets the best service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click the question in the FAQ list below and a brief answer or a link to more information will appear below the question. If your query is about stock information or availability online, please refer to the individual product page.

Follow the How to buy instructions above for information on how to purchase a product and complete a successful transaction.

In most cases Yes. However at the time of seeing a product online and then visiting the outlet the product may have already been sold out in which case it may not be available for sale at the outlet.

No. We do not offer a reserve policy unless you make payment over the telephone after which the product will be taken offline. To make payment over the phone call the chambeili outlet.

Possibly. With certain brand stockists a particular item may still be available but you will need to contact with customer services for further information. You will be required to make payment plus shipping and we will advise on the delivery time as back orders tend to be done in batches otherwise the cost of shipping from Pakistan is expensive.

Each product is available in certain sizes and in most cases we only stock size 08 to 16 depending on the brand and product. If your size is not showing then this will not be available due to being out of stock or because only certain sizes were provided by the brand. We may provide a pre-order service for a particular collection and this will be advertised on our microsite

You can still place orders on without an account by using your facebook login, however having an account will make future orders more convenient for you. It will save you having to re-enter your personal details each time you order with us, and also allows you to view previous orders. Open a My Account..

Your chosen products will remain in your basket. You may return to them later, however the products are not reserved until the checkout process therefore we cannot guarantee that they will still be available to purchase.

To find a product without having to trawl through the website you can simply use the search box located conveniently on the top right navigation bar. Simply enter the correct product code or keywords such as "limelight kurti" and the website will return back with a result if the product is available otherwise it will return an empty result.

The product code is located on the product page below the compare button and is identifiable with SKU next to it.

If you are having problems during the process of entering your credit card details you must ensure you have authorisation to use the credit card in question and all the correct details have been added from the type of card to the name, credit card number and the last 3 digits on the reverse of the card. If you are having problems in the 3D Secure Arcot page, you must ensure you remember your pin code if you have already created one. If you have not created a pin code then contact your bank or visit the following links: for visa card click here, for mastercard click here.

In exceptional circumstances we may be able to cancel your order, so please call customer services: +44(0)1274 598669. However, if you've received email confirmation that your order has already been dispatched or delivered, then you’ll need to follow our returns procedure in the event of any unwanted products. You can also of course return them to the chambeili outlet.

In most circumstances it is not possible to make changes to your order once you have placed it. If you would like to purchase additional products then you will be required to place a new order for these items. If you wish to remove an item then you will have to refer to our returns procedure. Please contact customer services by telephone if you would like further advice.

When placing your order you can add a different delivery address if you wish. However, if you have already placed your order and need to change details of the delivery address please call us for advice. Please be ready to quote your order number and order date. This can only be completed before your order has been dispatched.

In most circumstances it is not possible to make changes to your delivery service option once you have placed your order. We strongly advise that you chose the right option prior to placing your order.

In certain situations your order may be cancelled if there are issues with your payment such as notification from your bank of fraudulent activities or low funds. In such situations we will cancel your order until you are able to settle any credit card payment issues.

Yes you can. If you would like to update any account details, please log into your My Account through Click on Edit Address on Billing and/or Shipping Address to update your personal information.

Currently we are only offering this service via our Shipley outlet but plan to roll out this service as we expand our retail operations in the future. For more information refer to the Click & Collect Local page by clicking here.

For more information on international delivery destinations please refer to the destination countries at the beginning of this page.