chambeili® Bridal is pleased to announced our forthcoming Trunk Show No.3 with Faiza Saqlain which will be held at chambeili® store in December 2018 showcasing Zeb-un-Nissa SS19 and her latest Bridal SS19 Collection which will be first showcased at the forthcoming 16th Edition of Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week taking place from December 7th – 9th .

The event will  be taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2018 . We will be the first to showcase SS19 after #PanteneHumBridalCoutureWeek so #TrunkShowNo3 will be a highly anticipated event and UK clients will have the first opportunity to see and order Zeb un Nissa and Faiza Saqlain’s latest bridal runway collection.

The Trunk Show will be a booked event for those customers who wish to place made-to-order customised BridalNikaaMehndiFormal or Pret Wear from Faiza Saqlain. We kindly request that you only make a booking if you are 100% planning to make an order during the event. If you are unable to attend for any reason then please contact us immediately in advance so we can allow other customers to take your slot.

During your one-to-one consultation with Faiza Saqlain and chambeili® Bridal team, you will be able to discuss your order(s) based on your required style/cut, level of work and colour. You can place a single order or a full wedding order which can include outfits for all your wedding events.  Once your order(s) is completed chambeili® Bridal will manage your order(s) until completion and you will be assigned a login account where we will provide all your order details taken during the event and status updates as your order is produced and dispatched to our store for try, final deposit payment and then collection. We will also email a copy of your order and legal terms and conditions which you will be required to sign off during the event. We would advise all customers who wish to place made-to-order to read our legal terms and conditions prior to attending the event.

Introducing Zeb un Nissa, a Formal Wedding Wear SS19 Collection for your happy events: 

“As you walk through the narrow streets which hold deep hidden secrets of love and celebration, the chilly fall wind doesn’t hold back from taking you back to an era of simpler yet classier times. The magical city of Lahore and its red bricked structures tell the tales which will travel from season to season and generation to generation.”

Faiza Saqlain #PanteneHumBridalCoutureWeek Runway Bridal SS19

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