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We are a UK based multi-brand fashion retailer that has been trading for over 5 years and are authorized stockists for all the brands we stock from Lahore & Karachi:

Limelight, Origins, Orient Textile Mills, Nimsay, Nishat Linen, Sapphire, BTW, MARIA.B, Faiza Saqlain, Zonia Anwaar, Farhan & Ambreen, MBM, Aleez and Sonar.

We stock only the latest current season trendy outfits that are specifically hand-picked for our store. We have a dedicated merchandising team that prepare all our new arrivals for our UK store. Prior to any stock arriving in our store we launch pre-arrival campaigns with an itinerary shown on a dedicated page on our website as well as prepare social campaign artwork to make our customers aware of the new arrivals. Once the new arrivals have been prepared for steaming and pricing, we take photos of all products if the brand stockists has not provided photos to inform customers of our new arrivals.

Certain pret and formal outfit designs from our luxury designers are made specifically for our store. We encourage our brand stockists to provide unique pieces as many customers are looking for one-off designs especially when it comes to pret and formal wear. With Zonia Anwaar and Fazia Saqlain we have a very unique relationship as certain styles and colours are done in collaboration with “chambeili by Zonia Anwaar” and “chambeili by Faiza Saqlain” garment tag a.

We are a completely social media driven retailer and have a growing global following. We have also reached over 11k+ subscribers on chambeili digital magazine on Google Play Newsstand. We keep all our social platforms up-to-date to cover all social users in order to inform our audience on every aspect of our business from new arrivals, promotions, sales and product positioning. You can find out more about all our social platforms and websites by visiting Get Connected. You can get our latest social happenings by visiting chambeili Social Buzz

Our website is also listed on Google Local Business/Google Maps, Foursquare, TomTom, all major search engines and portal directories.

Apart from our social platforms, we also have a mailing list on Mailchimp and SMS messaging service where we send customers latest new arrivals and special offers.

Our store is only 3 miles from Bradford City Centre and is easily accessible by following the Bradford City Football Stadium and remain on the same road (Bradford Road) and head for Shipley (after Frizinghall). Or if you are coming from Keighley then follow the route for Saltaire and head towards Bradford. We have ample car park space (free).

Our outlet is clutter free – we have designed the store so it makes shopping easy with all our products located on racks with plenty of space to walk around. Our UK store is on two floors with the first floor consisting of casual/pret and accessories (lowers, scarfs, stoles etc) and the second floor consisting of semi formal, formal and bridal wear.

We know most of our customers by name – we believe that every customer should feel welcomed when they visit our store and be received with a smile and personal greeting. We focus on our customer needs and deliver them the styles and designs that they want. We have a very high customer retention rate and our customers rarely haggle when it comes to pricing.

Shopping should be a time to relax so we like to keep our customers entertained with music from around the world with our spotify playlists. We have created the right ambience in our store to make the customer shopping experience exciting and hence many of our customers take their time to walk around the store to find the right outfit. We take customer services as priority number one and we always ensure each and every customer receives a greeting when they enter and are provided any help or advice. We know most of our customers by their first name and we treat every customer with utmost respect.

Our in-store screen on the ground floor displays the latest special offers/new arrivals currently running in-store. We are constantly promoting our brand products from new arrivals to the latest offers. We also display large posters in a store front to inform retail customers of our latest promotions / new arrivals.

We sell original brands and always provide the latest trends from Pakistan in our store/online within weeks of launch in Pakistan. We also own the first and only digital fashion publication on Google Play Newsstand that covers the Pakistan fashion industry as well as chambeili news.

Bridal, Pret and Formal Wear

Right now we are in need of Bridal and Formal Wear as priority. We already have Farhan & Ambreen, MBM, Faiza Saqlain and Zonia Anwaar but we are now looking at other major brands that have been around for a while and have been producing quality merchandise for the last 10 years. Their are many brands emerging out of Pakistan but unfortunately they are all on the same franchise bandwagon and producing or replicating each others design.

We are looking for brands that have a history in dress making using traditional practices that have been handed down generation by generation. A mix of old and modernity is ideal for our market as well as quality and consistency – we are not interested in how many outlets you have. History and tradition are extremely important and many new designers are simply regurgitating the same old designs and only the brand label sets them apart. Our client base is extremely fussy and we cannot afford to have a single fault in any product.

We expect any new brand stockist to have very strict quality controls in place and every aspect of the supply chain should be electronically recorded. All products dispatched from Pakistan should be carefully packed in paper that waterproof bags and carefully placed. We also request that you supply hi-resolution photos of your merchandise as the level of photography done in Pakistan is far superior and they truly capture the true essence of Pakistan’s design flair.

If you are interested in moving forward then please request the brand owner to complete the online form below so we can find out more about your brand and products and see if we can forge an alliance. Our ideal scenario is to offer a racking service for bridal and formal wear where you send us agreed stock based on a skype video or facetime call and we hand-pick what will suit our client base. We want to work with brands that want to build a long term and lasting partnership and therefore pricing is key. We have invested huge resources to bring in the skilled professionals that can help market any brand at the highest level. We do expect brand loyalty and exclusivity as market saturation causes brands to lose value as you can dictate price consistency. We have long term strategies for growth and we will become the market leader so brand loyalty is extremely important.

Our role is to market and sell and the brand supplier has the responsibility to provide the best quality and faultless merchandise at the right price and have it delivered to our outlet. We will then add our commission on top and then do all the work to sell and promote the brand so we can sell fast and deliver to our global client base rather than simply wait for customers to see products on racks. Without social media marketing products simply remain stagnant and lose their value as they can easily go out of season. The key to selling is being able to reach an audience quickly in a creative manner and that is our hallmark.

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