100% Genuine Brand Stockist


chambeili® is a Pakistani Multi-Brand Fashion Outlet and we stock the following most popular Pakistani clothing labels both online and via our flagship store. We are official and authorized stockists for Limelight, Nimsay, Origins Ready to Wear, MARIA.B, Orient Textile Mills, Zonia Anwaar, Farhan & Ambreen, Jeem, Faiza Saqlain, Dhanak, Jeem, Sapphire, BTW (By The Way), Nishat Linen, Unbeatables and Warda.

We sell only 100% Genuine Brand Products

All our products are 100% genuine and you can contact all our stockist to verify that we are official and authorised stockist or visit our store and we will provide evidence all items that we sell online or instore is authentic and genuine. Every brand product is shipped directly from the brand company and arrive at chambeili® store with all the brand packaging and garment tags. When shipments arrive we post images on instagram so customers can see the original packaging. Many of the brand stockists also provide brand merchandise in the form of shopping bags (Origins, Sapphire, BTW and FPL) which we provide to customers instore. We have recently become the official UK stockists for BTW.

We strongly advise customers to be aware that replica goods are made from low quality fabrics and embellishments and after one wash the colour fades. If you visit any other store or bazaar please ask the owner to provide evidence that the products are original showing you either email correspondence from the brand stockists or receipts showing the products listed with the SKU.

Buying original products and shipping them through official channels and paying customs is highly expensive and with the rates falling due to Brexit and the VAT introduction in Pakistan the prices of branded products have surged. We price all our products to sell; however as this is a costly business of selling originals we must ensure we cover all our customs, shipping, business running costs and most importantly providing a unique service of bringing in the latest fashion trends. We also provide all our customers with the latest fashion trend publication with our digital fashion magazine on Google Play Newsstand which is a free publication.

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